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Puerto Vallarta Weather


Punta Mita, Mexico has one of the best year-round climates in the world with an average of 325 sunny days per year and is very comparable to that of Hawaii. There are basically two seasons here:

- The Dry Season (mid Oct - mid June) which sees almost no rain and is the most popular tourist season, and
- The Tropical Season (mid June - mid Oct) which is typically dry throughout the day with a fifty percent chance of late-afternoon/evening showers and night-time thunder storms. There are considerably fewer tourists in these months which can often result in lower rates for lodgings, boats, excursions, etc.

Below you can see Monthly Averages* for air and water temperatures, rainfall and wind.

Puerto Vallarta Monthly Weather Averages:

Air, Water, Rain and Wind.

puerto vallarta monthly weather air temperature averages
puerto vallarta monthly water temperature averages
puerto vallarta monthly rain fall averages
puerto vallarta monthly wind speed averages
*There is a wide disparity in online information regarding seasonal averages for Puerto Vallarta. We found those provided by the International Weather and Climate Organization to be the most reliable and least biased.